3 Techniques For Better Focus


Hello Gorgeous!

The other day, a momma asked me how I keep it all together. I laughed. Sometimes it gets really messy. And in those moments, capturing the chaos with my camera is far from my thoughts. I'm just trying to hold it all together by a VERY thin thread.

Like a photo, in life we choose our focus and our point of view. The image we take, and memory we choose to replay, go into our photo and memory albums of life.

During days where it ALL seems to hit the fan, I'm NOT focused on:

  • Not having showered in a day.

  • Being in lounge wear until 3:45 pm.

  • Showing up an hour early to an appointment I mis-scheduled.

  • Being frustrated with a long-anticipated project taking 10x longer than expected.

  • Leaving music class early, carrying a writhing, upset kiddo who wouldn't stop stepping on the drums and playing rough with a classmate.

  • Attempting to speed clean before a dinner playdate, only to find human POOP—yes, poop!—next the living room plant (oh, the joys of naked potty training).

  • Not fully reading cooking directions . . . And ending up with a soupy mess instead of a delicious vegan cauliflower crust pizza.

  • Making it through half of my workout.

What I CHOOSE to focus on instead:

  • Getting creative with second-day hair.

  • Getting dressed! And getting lots of use out of the world's coziest lounge wear!

  • Getting a bonus hour to check emails before my mis-scheduled appointment.

  • Fostering more compassion for mommas whose littles aren’t acting picture perfect.

  • Being grateful that poop doesn’t gross me out THAT much.

  • Making an incredible and fascinating new mom friend!

  • Having a playdate go off without a hitch! No major injuries and lots of playing!

  • A cooking error that resulted in surprisingly decent pizza.

  • Getting my 30 minutes of movement in, and being able to connect with a dear friend.

  • Having a wonderful husband who listens when I need to unload. One who is thoughtful and whips up a second dinner to offset a cooking fiasco.

  • I choose to remember the hard moments. To learn from them. And to appreciate the beauty of the moments that take my breathe away.

  • Breathtaking moments like this photo. I was on my front porch capturing yoga moves, when this little guy ran outside to give me a kiss.

  • Moments are fleeting. Both wonderful and frustrating. Choosing what you focus on in the moment, is what leaves a lasting impression.

I choose to revisit the spontaneous and sweet kisses of this moment again and again.

You won’t feel joyous in every moment, but you can shift your focus onto the JOY life is offering right NOW. Try one or all three of these techniques:

  1. Practice Gratitude: In moments of frustration, overwhelm, or stress, tune into what you have to be grateful for. What is the silver lining in this situation? When you realize your troubles are often temporary and fixable, that shift is SO powerful.

  2. Create a JOY Menu: What instantly perks up your mood? A spontaneous dance party to your favorite song? Calling your best friend? Laughing babies on Youtube? Whatever it is, have a few go-tos for moments of stress or chaos.

  3. BREATHE and Refocus: When life gets stressful, we tend to breathe from the throat instead of the diaphragm. Focus on your breath for 60 seconds and ground yourself. As you do, visualize a calming memory, something you’re looking forward to, or think of a loved one.

And remember, this too shall pass. In the good moments, relish each second. And in the hard times, choose to refocus. 

Love & choose your focus,


P.S. One of the best ways to keep your focus where you want it is starting off the morning with a positive morning routine! Create your own morning routine!

AbundanceRebecca Newell