Passion + Purpose


Hello Gorgeous!

Do you ever feel you’re on the path you’re SUPPOSED to be on . . . Yet your mind constantly wanders onto what you’re passionate about? Is passion something that you save for your hobbies? Do you justify what you do for a living because it affords you the ability to live?

Why do we separate passion and purpose? It's possible to do well financially and to do massive good at the same time.

I used to feel like I had to fit my passions into the pockets of my life. That I could follow either money OR passion. And that possessing both was a unicorn-esque rarity.

So, I became a professional balancer. Balancing 90-95% purpose (by throwing myself headlong into my career to excel) with 5-10% passion. It looked REALLY good on paper. I convinced nearly everyone that I had it all figured out. And yet, I couldn’t understand why I was continually trying to convince my heart.

She was NOT buying it.

You see, my heart wanted a different reality. She knew that you CAN have it all. The power to make an impact. A career that you are truly in love with. The opportunity to collaborate with people of your choosing. Actually looking forward to Monday mornings!

It took a while for my ego to listen to her. And to relax my need for security long enough to hear her out.

And she was right, though she never rubs it in. She is too busy swimming in gratitude, belly laughing with wonder, discovering new ways to be a better person, and excitedly collaborating with others who chose to listen to their hearts as well.

Today, let your heart have a voice.

Put on your favorite pink lipstick because it makes you feel happy and sassy. Call someone because you miss them, not because you feel the obligation. Do something on your want list versus your to-do list. Put your money where your heart is, and not where your mouth is. Invest your time where it's deserved, not needed.

Above all, try a little passion and purpose cocktail. It's highly delicious, and nothing can ever be better for you.

Love & passionate purpose,


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AbundanceRebecca Newell