Stop Drinking Acidic Mold! 5 Tips For Choosing A Healthy Coffee


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Have you ever Googled healthy coffee while in a debate over its pros and cons? There is a LOT of conflicting information out there. While coffee isn't inherently bad for you in moderate amounts, there are some nasty things in many of the mainstream options, making it one of the more toxic beverages out there! And that’s before adding sugary syrups or processed dairy!

Though I’m not much of a coffee drinker, my husband barely opens an eye without a cup in hand. In my ongoing quest to improve my family’s health, I did some serious research into his daily java ritual. My surprising findings prompted several changes in our buying (and his drinking) habits!

The good news is that your morning brew can be a guilt-free pleasure! So before swinging by that chain coffee shop for your morning cup of joe, consider the following!

1. Choose Organic!

Buying organic coffee means saying no to pesticides, insecticides, and herbicides. Cide is latin for killer!There’s a reason that the workers in the fields wear hazardous material suits while spraying conventionally grown coffee crops! You don’t want those toxic chemicals in your body.

2. Buy Low-Acidity Coffee.

Coffee roasts high in acidity can cause indigestion, digestive discomfort, and heartburn. Acidity within the body is associated with an array of miserable symptoms, such as low energy, inflammation, extra weight, stress, poor skin, and more!

3. Drink Bulletproof Coffee!

Known as keto coffee, bullet coffee, or butter coffee, bulletproof-style coffee is infused with coconut oil or MCT oil (medium chain triglycerides oil). Buy it premade or make your own! This drink slows your body’s absorption of caffeine, giving you hours of jitter-free energy that doesn’t mess with your blood sugar. This means no mid-morning crash! It’s been said to improve cognitive (brain) performance, suppress hunger, and even assist with weight loss! Even better, this special healthy coffee blend improves the flavor!

4. Go Mycotoxin (mold) Free.

Organisms that create toxic output (called mycotoxins) often grow on green coffee beans. Though the roasting process lowers the amount of toxins, why put yourself at risk? You will feel safer purchasing a reputable brand that tests to ensure their coffee is free of measurable toxins! Also, look for brands that employ a roasting process where the beans are never touched by human hands (less contaminants).

5. Say Yes to Trace Minerals.

Coffee’s diuretic and mild laxative effects on the body can cause an imbalance in minerals, such as calcium, magnesium and potassium. This is especially true for heavy coffee drinkers. Added trace minerals in coffee help offset these effects, and help your body function efficiently.

Thanks to my passion for healthy living and my diligent research, my husband still gets to enjoy his morning cup (or pot) of coffee. The difference is that we now buy Organic Fair Trade Isagenix coffee. Not only is it free of mycotoxins, it’s rich in trace minerals, and contains coconut oil. I even join him for the occasional cup now! Experience your own mug of coffee heaven by ordering a bag here!

Regardless of what bean you make the switch to, whether you’re an occasional or daily java drinker, make sure your cup is full of delicious AND healthy coffee goodness!

Love & healthy coffee,


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