Celebrate Happy, Healthy Holidays!


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From mid-October, when candy begins to crowd store shelves, to the inevitable pie-induced coma that accompanies Thanksgiving, to holiday parties and New Year’s toasts, the holidays are a time of overindulgence. The result? Too much sugar and alcohol, and not enough sleep, exercise, or self-care. All which help create a winter layer that you can't peel off like a sweater. Instead, why not strive for healthy holidays?

Four years ago, I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired towards the end of every year. I vowed to make healthy, sensible changes. Changes that allowed me to enjoy the holiday season without feeling deprived. Let’s be honest, I enjoy a glass of bubbly as much as the next girl!

Mid-December, driven by my upcoming spring wedding, I introduced a holistic wellness system. My goal was rebalancing my body. It was complete with nutrient-dense, plant-based shakes, an adaptogenic tea that replaced my seasonal apple cider cravings, and even a healthy chocolate to help me avoid my mom’s delicious, but deadly fudge.

The result? I actually LOST 6 lbs over Christmas and New Year’s! More importantly, I felt SO good. I didn’t get my usual January cold, and didn’t feel like I was missing out on all the holiday fun. Curating healthy holidays and practicing moderation allowed me to enjoy homemade cookies and wine!

Over the years, I’ve enjoyed creating and sharing my own healthy holidays treat recipes. Sneaking holistic goodies into my recipes simplifies both grocery shopping and baking. Also, it ensures my holiday indulgences are as good for me as they are delicious!

Are you ready to celebrate the holidays healthfully?

I've put together my favorite holiday treat recipes just for you! You'll recieve a variety of recipes for decadent shakes, fudge, and even a mocktail!

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Feel free to substitute your preferred quality, plant-based protein powder or shake. If you do though, be sure you’re saying NO to any brand that uses artificial ingredients, sugars, gluten, soy, or GMOs! In addition, be sure to look for products loaded with healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants!

To get in on the goodness of my beloved nutrient-dense, plant-based shakes, snag your own right here.

Bonus Tip!

Mix up your holiday gift giving by treating family and friends to wholesome, good-for-you products! A wholesale Isagenix account offers the savings of Costco with the online shopping ability of Amazon... WIN! And, it shows up on your doorstep a present from St. Nick!

This year, break from the typical holiday weight gain and unwellness! Celebrate happy, healthy holidays! Start off by nourishing your body with the best, and be mindful of indulging in moderation. You CAN have a healthy balance! Above all, nourish your soul by spending quality time with family and friends, and don’t forget to carve out YOU time too!

Love & healthy holiday treats,


P.S. Traveling for the holidays? Healthy holidays aren’t just about avoiding a sugar-induced coma! Grab my travel wellness tips for healthy holiday travel!

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