Not So Smart Water! 3 Reasons To Stop Buying Plastic Water Bottles


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The idea of putting your mouth on the tap to drink is pretty unappealing! But, if you think $2-$5 plastic water bottles of gleaming, chilled water are better for you, you are in for a surprise.

Growing up as the daughter of a water well driller, and with a family well, when I moved to LA after college, I was shocked to discover that people PAY for plastic water bottles. Ironically, I quickly fell into the trap, spending *yikes* thousands of dollars a year on bottled water! Until I did a little research into my costly water habit.

While I could list reason after reason why buying bottled water is unhealthy (for both humans and the environment!), let’s cover the top three reasons why you should consider saying no to this seemingly harmless consumer good.

1. Mother Earth!!

Plastic water bottles are not sustainable. Period. PET, the material a typical water bottle is made from, takes several hundred-thousand tons of fossil fuels to produce. And that’s before even factoring in the filling and shipping processes! Plus, the toxins released while making plastic pollutes our soil and watersheds.

2. Is It Really Pure?

25% of all bottled water is nothing more than filtered tap water, and not fresh spring or groundwater! These not-so-pure, big-name water brands include Dasani and Aquafina, among others.

3. Chemical Crisis!

You might feel safe because you purchase BPA-free plastic water bottles, but have you stopped to think what BPA-free really means? Often times, it involves a substitution for equally dangerous chemicals! There are no checks in place to ensure those substituted chemicals are any safer for you. Additionally, heating plastic releases ‘trace’ amounts of BPA. There is no telling how many times that bottle of water has been heated and cooled in the shipping, stocking, and storing processes before hitting your lips. That means ‘trace’ amounts of BPA seeping into your drinking water over and over again.

Now that you’ve got the scoop on why bottled water is so unhealthy, you might be wondering what safe alternatives are out there. I have you covered!

4. Say Yes To Stainless Steel!

Not only does an insulated stainless steel water bottle keep iced beverages refreshingly chilled, it also ensures hot liquids stay piping hot! How’s that for versatile?! Refilling your own vessel with quality water is well worth the $20-$40 investment. Think of it as more money for yoga classes, or for cute yoga pants! Plus, you can personalize your water flask with stickers and labels! My two favorite bottle brands are Hydroflask and Swell.

5. Delivery Or Take-Out?

Look for a premium water delivery service that offers freshly sourced water and uses glass bottles instead of plastic. And if you want to reduce your carbon footprint even further, see if your local grocery store offers quality refill stations (like Whole Foods), so you can fill up on H2O when you buy groceries!

6. Invest In Purity

Pick up a good water filtration system designed to remove the specific harmful contaminants that are in your tap water. Find out exactly what’s in your local water by visiting EWG's Tap Water Database, and then do your homework to find a filter that removes those impurities. Keep in mind, that most built-in refrigerator filters don’t purify water as well as pitcher versions. Plus, how often do you actually remember to change the filter? Whatever water system you settle on, be sure to change the filter as recommended.So next time you’re sipping some refreshing water out of your favorite stainless steel bottle, know that you’re doing something positive for your body, your wallet, and mother nature!

Love & clean H2O,


P.S. If you’re trying to detox your life from chemicals, make sure you’re also choosing a non-toxic coffee!

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