Travel Well(ness)


Hello Gorgeous!

Have you ever been so excited for an upcoming trip, only to come down with a cold that wrecked your stay? I have and it’s the worst!

Travel and wellness are tied as my second love (well, third now that I have a kiddo)! And healthy travel is a must!

No one has time to get sick, on vacation or any other day!

Even if you have an immune system that can do one-armed push-ups, it’s always good to be prepared. Here are some of my favorite tips and tricks to help you get from home to paradise (or just to that work event) feeling your best!

My travel must-haves:

  • Kombucha: There's something about flying that makes me crave an adult beverage. And while I enjoy a glass of wine, the mini bottles on planes are rarely worth it (especially, when traveling with a toddler)! Kombucha offers effervescent deliciousness with lots of probiotic goodness, minus the cheap wine headache! Note: Be sure to buy it AFTER going through security! And if it’s not available, opt for a bottle of water and add an AMPED™ Hydrate instead!

  • Isamune® with Zinc: This super handy little spray bottle is designed to keep your immune system strong! It includes zinc, echincaea, and colustrum from BSE-free, BST-free, hormone-free dairy cows. Note: While it isn’t vegan, it’s my personal go-to. After using it for three years, I’ve been on 100+ flights, to 30+ conferences, and haven’t gotten sick while traveling!

  • Dr. Bronners Soap: I wash my hands frequently when traveling! Even more now that I have a little one who touches everything! Soap dispensers at the airport and at grocery stores are often either empty, or filled with the toxic pink stuff, so I bring my own!

  • AMPED™ Hydrate: It’s the holistic version of Emergen-C®! Chock-full of electrolytes, B Complex, and other vitamins, it’s designed to keep your immune system feeling good, even when traveling in a tin can full of germs! Plus, it's kiddo safe, so I can give my little guy sips!

  • Dr. Bronners Hand Sanitizer: Not only does this delicious smelling, germ killing sanitizer have only three ingredients, it’s the perfect size for your carry-on bag! Since everything you come into contact with while traveling gets touched by everyone, I use it liberally!

My nice-to-haves:

  • Organic EO® Breath Spray: Fresh breath is especially important if you're in the middle seat!! Most breath mints and gums have artificial sugars or dyes. This one offers a quick refresher without the junk. Plus you’ll never need to find a place to spit out gum that's past its chewing prime!

  • Whole Foods Organic Vanilla Honey Lip Balm: It is SO tasty, and keeps your pucker hydrated, even when cruising in the dry air at 30,000+ feet.

  • Ear Buds: I like to plug in for a little meditation, music, or to put on white noise and catch some z's (well, when I’m not traveling with my little guy).

  • Whole Foods Dry Skin Cream: I buy it in a travel size to keep my hands feeling hydrated after all the hand washing I do while traveling!

  • Native Deodorant: Keep a travel size bar stashed in your carry-on bag! If you’re running late, sprinting to your gate can leave you a sweaty mess. Your seat mates will thank you for freshening up!

  • IsaLean® Bar Dairy-Free: I eat half of this pea and whole-grain brown rice protein bar (9.5 grams protein & 5.5-6 grams sugar for half, depending on the flavor) and split the other half with the little guy (he's obsessed), or save it for when I land. It’s a MUCH better alternative to my OLD go-to, Junior Mints. Plus, it helps me avoid the $5+ junk at the airport.

Love & healthy travels,


P.S. While these items are perfect for trips and travel, they are also great as everyday essentials. I have many stashed away in my handbag!

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