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5 Ways To Start Before You’re Ready

Episode 17

In this episode, you will hear more about

  • Why you aren't QUITE ready to take the next step

  • How not to get stuck in the unknown

  • The name of the feeling that FEELS like fear but isn't

  • 5 ways to start before you're ready

  • And so much more!




Do you have this BIG dream or goal but you’re not quite ready to take the next, or even first step yet? My question: When are you REALLY going to be ready ? How do you get there?

People get stuck in what they don’t know! The solution? Action creates clarity, because the quickest way to learn is experience!

5 Steps to start before you’re ready.

  1. Identify: What’s the next step towards your big goal or dream right now?

  2. Identify: What’s your biggest excuse?

  3. Commit to it!

  4. Get in action: Take a step towards it!

  5. Ride that momentum!!

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